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Peace To The Pure, It's The One And Only Ice Lord. I Made A Subscriber Only Page/Option. So I Can Give The TRUE Hip Hop Heads And Supporters Of Mine Behind The Scenes Access To Video Footage, Photos, First Dibs On Merch And You Will Also Get Every Release Sent To Your Phone Everytime I Drop A New Project. As A Subscriber You Will Also Get "The Black Angel Of Carlyon" History Of The Guillotine" And "Lightwork Vol. 1" FREE! I Want To Thank All Of You For The Support. Let's Make Hip Hop Mainstream Again.

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Ice Lord
Cleveland, Ohio
Ice Lord is from Cleveland Ohio. "I was born in 1991 so I come from the era of beating on lunch tables and having ciphers everyday. In fact I had to get my G.E.D because I skipped every single class just to freestyle. I began makin trap music that did very well. But the Hip-hop in me forced me to risk my current fan base, and bring it back to where it all started.

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